The Social Movement in Thailand You Never Heard: The Endorsement for “The Last Breath of Sam Yan”

Netiwit, founder Tucked away in the heart of Bangkok is Sam Yan, an enduring symbol of a Thai-Chinese heritage tracing back to the era of Rama V. Originating from an overflow of the thriving Chinatown, the area rapidly transformed into one of Thailand’s most culturally rich locales. Today, amidst the cacophony of modern life, Sam […]


October 5, 2023

Incoming Feminist and LGBTQ Books at Sam Yan Press

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal, founder At Sam Yan Press, a spirited, student-run press based in Thailand, our dedication reaches beyond merely printing words on pages. We forge a space where critical narratives, particularly those echoing the voices of the underrepresented, find a home and a platform. Our newly crafted ‘Feminist Sam Yan’ section keenly spotlight works that […]


October 3, 2023

Statement on the Student-Run Press Approached by the Chinese Businessman to Shut Down the Company

Established in 2017, Sam Yan Press was founded to introduce and spread progressive ideas such as democracy, freedom, human rights, feminism, and civil disobedience into Thai society. We provide spaces for students to deliberate their thoughts and opinions and translate the knowledge into action.  Time Is on Our Side: A Birthday Book for Joshua Wong, […]

Sam Yan Press Editorial Board

October 26, 2022