About the Publisher


            Sam Nak Nisit Sam Yan Publishing​ was established, and still operated, by students of Chulalongkorn University for the purpose of providing space for students to present their thoughts and opinions, produce academic works with their own abilities, creatively and freely. Sam Nak Nisit Sam Yan Publishing​ strives to operate with the intention of encouraging freedom of expression, cultivating critical thinking, questioning the powers that be along with advocating for a culture of education that will build a strong and stable system of democracy in Thai society.

            Sam Nak Nisit Sam Yan Publishing​ was established by Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal and his fellow students. Netiwit hopes the publishing house will become an intermediary for the development and cultivation of students with diverse thoughts to come together and produce innovative works dealing with issues within their institutions and many other topics of interest. There is also hope that the publishing house can become a tool to communicate with the student body, staff, professors and management of Chulalongkorn University. Moreover, giving the opportunity for students to produce and publish their own works will not only aid freedom of expression in academics, it will also encourage students to practice research and analysis, fitting for those with a genuine strive to learn.

            Sam Nak Nisit Sam Yan Publishing​ (SCPH) is a small non-profit publisher, any monetary gains will be put into the production of future publishings (SCPH aims to publish over 20 individual works between the years of 2017-2019. Each work is to be gradually published and sold, one at a time, due to budget limitations). Works include: critique of Thai society, introduction to schools of thoughts such as feminism, anarchy, communism, liberalism and democracy, works of and about literature and drama, works about individual life experiences and how to find sincerity and meaning in life and so on.

            Netiwit has the personal belief that the battle for democracy can be done through many approaches. Publishing works, critical and creative thinking, writing, translating, editing, proofreading, drawing and designing a book cover and arranging content are all ways of fighting. Planting the seed of democracy is a necessarily long and arduous mission.

            At the time of establishing SCPH, Netiwit held the position of  President of the Student Council of Chulalongkorn University, a position he only held for 2 months due to orders from the university to remove him and his associates from office after the events of August 3rd, 2017. Before the incident, SCPH had planned to translate and publish 4 books which had to be delayed due to the circumstances. Time had to be used to fight for justice in the hearings following the incident.

            The first work published by SCPH was ‘Time is on our side: A birthday book for Joshua Wong’. The book contained translated essays from Martin Luther King Jr. ( Letter from Birmingham Jail) and Liu Xiaobo (Tiananmen Square: The hunger strike declaration, 2 June 1989), as well as a translated interview with Joshua Wong, a dear friend and an ally of democracy in Hong Kong, who was arrested by the order of the Government Of China. Netiwit collaborated with Phawat Akharaphiphana to translate the texts and compiled them in the book, which was printed in celebration of Joshua Wong’s birthday, while he was still imprisoned. At the completion of the publication, profits made from sales goes to assist the democratic movement in Hong Kong as well as being donated to charities helping Rohingya muslims in Myanmar.

            SPCH is built on the foundation of international unity, cooperation of youth, the need for justice, peace as a methodology and democracy. SPCH began publishing works by notable thinkers such as Isaiah Berlin (In which SPCH is the first publisher to print his essays in the Thai language), Timothy Snyder (On Tyranny) and Liu Xiaobo; Nobel Peace Prize laureate who dedicated his life to fighting the tyranny of The Communist Party of China (SPCH is the first to compile and publish a book of Liu Xiaobo’s works in the Thai language). Furthermore, SPCH has produced critiques of education in Thailand, and, in 2017 produced a volume which consists of works by 23 students from Chulalongkorn University from 11 faculties. The volume is a guidance book on ways to lead a meaningful life at University.

            SPCH not only involves students but also many professors, both in Chulalongkorn University and from other universities, who lend their time to act as editors of translated volumes and write essays as content providers.

            SCPH hopes to bridge knowledge from the ‘east’ and ‘west’ together in order to promote a secure foundation for upholding human rights both in and out of Thailand. We also wish to continually strengthen communication between professors, students and the general public forwards. Sam Nak Nisit Sam Yan Publishing​ is yet another pillar of support for democracy that was born from cooperation, perseverance, self examination and most importantly, the freedom to think and express.