Mutual Aid(s) for Our Community in 2021

Sam Yan Press has collaborated with many organisations, such as SWING THAILAND and Wan Daeng Chilli Dip (น้ำพริกแว่นแดง), to create a food bank to support the mutual aid for local communities in Central and other areas in Bangkok. We aim to work side by side with local communities to fulfil the gap that could not be done yet by the authorities, especially since the huge gap remains and becomes more difficult when the COVID-19 pandemic stormed ordinary people.

We work with our local partners who were also affected by the pandemic, to offer and create a food bank in local communities around Bangkok, for instance, we distributed about 200-300 boxes of dishes each week to sex workers around Silom, people – especially elderly and children – in Wutthakat 46, Wat Mongkol Wararam, Bang Lor, Rim Khlong Ratcha Montri, Sang Hiran Bang Khae, Pu Yen Ya Kham-Yang Yu, Thawi Watthana (Ton Sai), Petch Kasem 39, Petch Kasem 68, Bang Khae Soi 7, Nimman Naradee, Sakol Suksa School, South Yai Theap, Bang Khae Soi 4, Soi Song Khun Ja, and more since May 2021.

At least, this could help people save their resources in this difficult time, some had to be quarantined, unemployed, and even hospitalised. At the same time, we also urge to the local authorities and Government to issue the policy in need to release people’s difficulties immediately.

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